Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let's Talk About Books! Linky with Deanna Jump

Today I am linking up with Deanna Jump's Let's Talk About Books! Linky.

You will not believe what I found last week whilst out of town...

The classics with beautiful binding!

Imagine the angelic choir
                                  that I heard singing,
                                                                                as I turned the corner
                                                                                                  and saw this plethora of beautiful books.

I probably need one of each...

Actually my first thought was that I should get one for my daughter since they are on sale and all.

(Note the blatant red sticker on the front. You know, Krista Wallden recently pointed out that if you have text that you want to stand out on the front of a project, then it should be inside a circle, for example. Voila! Here is our real-life example! How can you miss it?)

My daughter was not with me at the store, so I took a few pics to send her to see which one she might like. She has read some of them and has seen the movie versions of several of them, so how was I to know?

I DID know that she had read Frankenstein for a class in high school. And...would you believe that Frankenstein also has the beautiful binding? Undeniably, this is a good example to the "you shouldn't judge a book by its cover" lesson. (Of course it does have a drawing of a brain near the spine.)

Note that the detail of the cover design also includes the date when the piece was published. Very cool! The edges of the pages are even jagged. I loved the look of these books.

The red dot sticker is especially attractive. It adds character, don't you think?

I found these at Books A Million in Florida. I cannot seem to locate them on Amazon or BAM! online. Now I REALLY wish I had gotten at least ONE of these books!

So that is my "Talk of Books" this Tuesday. Link up with us to share a book that you like...if you like.

Hop on over to Deanna's blog to see what books are recommended this week.


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