Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Love Valentine's "Week", a Freebie, and a TpT Giveaway

Valentine's Day Week (It should actually be a season of the year.)

One thing that I love about Valentines Day is that it is a-ok to wear pink with red. As a matter of fact, it actually looks good together! 

As teachers, we tend to see it as a fun friendship day amongst the students and teachers. However, high school girls tend to see it as a nerve-wracking day. Hoping to NOT get a valentine from a boy “out of the blue,” or as the case may be, hoping that "the boyfriend" will actually follow through with something meaningful, yet not extravagant. It is truly a rock and a hard place for many. 

However, as far as young primary students couldn't be more fun! (Except for Christmas, of course.) 

In the past I have used printables, or rather copies, from the oldie-but-goody resource books, for everything including Valentine bag decorations, classwork, and homework. Now that I know how to create things with PPT, I cannot wait to create the next printable that we will use for  ________________  (fill in the blank).
Creating things for TpT has certainly been a creative outlet for me. It is actually relaxing to me. Also, it is exciting to see one of my lessons that I have created in the past become an actual product that looks so cute with the graphics and clipart that I am now addicted to. :-) Thanks to Ashley Hughes, Krista Wallden, and Lovin Lit to name a few. Of course sometimes the cute clipart inspires activities galore, which was the case for my latest Valentine activity pack. is my latest creation that is Valentines-ish as well as contraction-y and friendly letter-esque. 


I have posted a freebie sample of the larger pack if you would like to check it out here.

I realize that it is very close to V-Day for all of you early planners, but I had to post the parts that are complete. I posted them once, and then decided to revise and expand the pack. I have other ideas as well, but they may have to wait until next year.

You can find the freebie sample here and the full pack here. They are both in my store on teachers pay teachers, The Think Aloud Cloud.

And now for the TpT giveaway...

The teachers who are a part of the Freebie-licious blog are have a big blog hop giveaway. They are each giving away $10 gift cards to TpT! Now THAT is the perfect Valentine's Day gift!! Would one of you please email my husband about that? If you would like to join in on the fun, click on the button below.

BTW, I learned something new...

Lori from Teaching with Love and Laughter had this challenge on her blog to link to Freebie-licious. I did it! I would NOT have been able to figure that one out even 8 months ago. Good times! (Never mind...I haven't figured it out quite yet. Maybe next time!)

Have a wonderful pink and red day on Friday!!



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    1. Hi Lori! Thank you for visiting MY blog! I'm looking forward to following your blog. Love that you love what you do! I can't imagine not being around our little buddies!