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Sunday Smorgasbord Linky: June 22, 2014

Today I am linking up with Michelle at Fabulous in First for a Sunday Smorgasbord. 

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I love Scoots!

Scoots are...
       1. brain-breaks 
                  {They are up-and-out-of-your-seat activities.}
       2. great for "fun" repetition of skills practice 
                  {The students don't even realize how much practice they  
                     are doing for each skill that is highlighted. }
       3. fast-paced (or not) depending on the student  
             {The teacher is able to focus on the students who need  
                     assistance or encouragement while the students who  
                     do not need support can keep moving.}
       4. differentiated ~ time-wise and recording sheet-wise
              {All of the students can participate in the same game, 
                      but with different scaffolding on the answer sheets 
                      according to their needs.}

The repetition of specific skills during one game is fabulous to me! So...I decided to make some. Here is my newest Math Task Card Pack. Click here to check it out in my store.

I call them, "Write It! 3 Ways in 3 Days" because the students write a form of the number on the task cards one way one day, 
                      then another way on another day, 
                      finally a third way on a different day. 
{The 3 days do not need to be in a row.}

I especially like activities for representing 3-digit and 4-digit numbers. I made an Easter Egg Scoot "Hunt" in the spring. The September set that I just posted that has cute apples on the task cards. 

(Maybe I just made this activity to use those cute apple graphics from Ashley Hughes. It is hard to say.)

I am big on printing things in grayscale onto colored card stock. However, I made a version with colored graphics for the printing enthusiasts who have color printing options. 

There are previews of some of the recording sheets below. 

There are 3 levels of support for the Expanded Form versions of the recording sheets. Therefore all of the students can be participating in the same game, but with different scaffolding on the answer sheets according to their needs.

I have included these anchor charts for the word form of lots of numbers. They are good resources for my ELL's to see the patterns of how numbers are written in the English language. Also, they are helpful anchor charts for the students to put in their math notebooks or folders for reference ... spelling in particular. 

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My Colored Card Stock Collection

Love the colors! 

Here is the brand and info in case you "need" to stock up on card stock.

Now I need to start printing away... ...on my grayscale setting, of course. 

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I Need a Great Colored Printer

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would love to hear your recommendations. My current colored printer does not provide vibrant results. {Now there is another good reason for me to use grayscale.} 

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A Day at the Beach

One glorious day! So thankful for at least one. 

My adorable husband.

Our daughter was at a nearby beach with some friends celebrating their recent graduation from high school. I CANNOT be that old!!
The big day!

We were at the beach for two days, actually, due to scheduling conflicts. The weather was rainy on the first day, so we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Tommy Bahama's Grill. They have really good fish tacos. If you haven't taken the plunge to try fish tacos, I highly recommend them. The name sounds odd, but they taste fabulous!

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Spanish Class

I am taking Spanish 1 this summer through the ESOL/Foreign Language Department in our county. It may help me with communicating with my ELL students and their parents. That is my plan anyway! I better go get busy studying!!

So there are my random thoughts for the week. 

Link up with Michelle's Sunday Smorgasbord to find out what random things people have to say this week. 

Have an awesome week!

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