Thursday, February 26, 2015

TBT...Speaking of Heroes & Sale Extended

My awesome husband on the day
of the big, bad Teacher of the Year Pep Rally.
Do you remember that song by Bette Midler? (One of my all-time favorites.) 

Many days we do not FEEL like heroes. Yet, we have a lasting impact on our students. I enjoy hearing about people's favorite teacher from elementary school. I usually ask them what they really liked about that person or their style of teaching. It is fun to know what "sticks" with people when they grow up. I would imagine that those teachers are considered heroes in the minds of these people. 

Speaking of Heroes... I am throwing back to one of my posts last November:

"What if Teachers Were Treated Like Football Stars" 
Have you seen that video yet? 

While the video is funny, you may find yourself thinking, "Wow, too bad that's not true!"

Well, good news! I know of a real-life example of teachers being "cheered on" in a BIG way. 

There is a "Teacher of the Year" Pep Rally that is hosted by the Business Leaders of our county. They invite all of the TOTYs from the schools in our district, the city schools, as well as the private schools and colleges that are located in the county. 

It is BIG! It is LOUD! It is FUN!! And...a little bit CRAZY!

Imagine this:
Loud, sports-jam music, 
a sea of pom poms,
cowbells "making some noise",
groups of happy students and administrators filling the place,
chants and cheers for each of the teachers,
students displaying handmade signs,
a REAL marching band,
and lots of cheerleaders. 

It is a REAL pep rally...for REAL teachers...for REAL! 

It is quite a sight to see. Quite an amazing sight.

How do I know all of this? 

My cute husband was voted the TOTY at his high school! 
Accepting his award

I am so very proud of him! He knows his math and science stuff AND he builds a good rapport with the students. For years, students and their parents have been telling me how much they like him as a teacher. He has a hard time believing that they think that highly of him. Maybe now he has an idea that it is true!

While I am also a teacher, I was there as a wife and a cheerleader for Dr. Jones. He was absolutely deserving of that award. I'm glad that I got to sit amongst his students and our family members to cheer for him.

As I took in the whole experience, I couldn't help but feel that the cheering, excitement, and fanfare was in honor of me and other teachers as well. As a matter of fact, I represent all of the other teachers out there who may or may not be voted as TOTY, but who teach with enthusiasm daily, have hearts of gold, and realize that teaching truly is a labor of love. 

So, my hat is off to every one of you teachers. I am including a short video (13 seconds) for you to see what it was like. I believe that you will think it is great! 

The small print...
(Disclaimer: This video is by no means professional. It was taken with my phone on the spur of the most of my photos. I am SO GLAD that we have cameras at our fingertips these days!)

I challenge you to pretend like you were there too and that the pep rally was for you too. (It really a way. The businesses have been hosting this pep rally for 26 years now!)

If you would like a better feel for it, watch the second video (30 seconds).

Then, as you return to school (after the snow days for our district), let the video play in your head as you walk into the classroom tomorrow morning, knowing that the students appreciate and love you even if they don't know how to show you or tell you. You are valued WAY more than any district could afford to pay you. 

As a matter of fact, maybe we should replay that video in our minds everyday. How would that impact our days? Weeks? Months? 

I am going to try it this week and I will let you know how it goes. 

To read the rest of that post, please click HERE.
Hopefully you will have a better perspective of how super we teachers really are!

Another thing that may put a pep in your step is another day for the "Teachers are Heroes" sale on TPT! That always energizes me!

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Have a super day!
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Warm Up with a Sale {& a Freebie}

Tired of the snow? Warm up with a SALE! 

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a "Teachers Are Heroes" Sale! {Isn't it the truth?!}

It is time to stock up on the things that you have been "eye"-ing. (Is that really a word? My mother used to say that all of the it must be a real word!)

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I will be back tomorrow to update you on our very exciting Science observations. You will want to join in too!

Have a great day!