Friday, September 19, 2014

Five for Friday and FREE {Math} Write It! 3 Ways in 3 Days

Hi Everyone!  Happy Friday! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five for Friday. 

I have been on our Fall Break, if you can believe that! I realize that Fall has not even officially started, so maybe they should call this a summer break. But that would be weird because we had a summer break already. Never mind that we started school on August 4th!

I stayed in town this week so here are a few things that happened around here.

I worked on some projects, one of which was a math activity. Some of my students needed a 2-digit version of my math scoots, so I put that together and decided to set it up as a FREEBIE in my store. I have added some pictures of my class doing a scoot three different ways so that you can see what it looks like in action.

Click HERE to see the FREE Trial Scoot of my Monthly Math Task Cards called, 

 Write It! Sample

My kids love it! 

Here is how it works. 
The students play Scoot, which is a game where the students move from desk to desk as they answer each task card on a recording sheet.
{Note: I realize that I am showing you the Easter version that we did last spring, however I forgot to take pics when we did the apple version of the game. The Easter eggs surely add some pizzaz! You could also have a treat at the end of the game since they are opening plastic eggs and finding the surprise of a number instead of candy.  :-) That way you can end it with a "wow" instead of a "wah-wah."} 

Quick Pics {Base Ten Drawings} ~ the first day

HOWEVER, it has a twist in that the kids have 3 opportunities to play the game. {I usually play a round a day with the days not necessarily in a row.} 
Therefore, I came up with the name, 

Expanded Form ~ another day

Each time they play, they record a different form of the number representation on a different recording sheet. The recording sheets are specific to the number representation that they are practicing. 

Word Form ~ another day
For example, the recording sheets for writing out the word form have long spaces to allow the students to write and see the numbers written in their entirety on a single line. (The kids will need that skill one day when they are grown and writing out checks. Wouldn't you agree?) 

Also, for the recording sheets, I copy "page 1" and "page 2" back to back. The expanded form pages have 3 versions for differentiation. Only one version, front and back, is included in the FREE version of the Fall Set in order to keep the file smaller. However, the FULL version of the Fall Set will be free as well, but will need to be added into a bundled set due to its size. (29 pages)

Here is the preview of the October set to show the different recording pages.

These activities are great for differentiation because the "slow-goers" seem to enjoy the process as well because the teacher is able to give immediate support to the students who need it. 

Here is the link to check them out in my store. My mom used to say, "Try it! You might like it!" She was usually referring to vegetables or something of that nature. She may have been quoting a commercial from days gone by for all I know. Nevertheless, it stuck with me!

Hopefully the repetitive practice with new designs and different numbers each month will help number representations stick with your kids. 

Let me know how you like the activity if you decide to download any of the versions. I would love to hear from you!

I met my sweet mother-in-law and daughter at Barnes in Noble one day and look what they were serving!

And look at the leaves on this tree...already! 

Yes, indeed it was 89 degrees that day.

My daughter performed in her first collegiate Wind Ensemble performance. They did a fantastic job! Like my daughter said at the beginning of the school year, "They are not messing around in college!" I could tell that they "mean business."

My daughter is in the back on the left. A percussion major. 

My two favs.


Leaving you with this clip of a lunchbox that now graces our classroom each day. Wow. Cool!

Now that you know five things from my week, check out the other teachers who are celebrating Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five for Friday.

Have a great day!
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

You Oughta Know About This Masking Tape Trick

Today I am linking up with Jasmine at Buzzing with Mrs. McClain for her You Oughta Know Blog Hop. 

Masking tape is a hot commodity. 

The good kind. 

"Good" to me is the kind that will stick on the painted cinder block walls in my classroom and in the hallway. All year...for the most part. won't take off the wall paint when I take a project off of the wall. 

Our local office supply store started carrying only Painters Tape that LOOKS like regular masking tape. Why in the world?

Maybe people want that these days. 
Not us teachers. No way! 

That type of tape could send us through the roof... 

  • if we have to retape or restick the hallway items every morning when we walk into the school. 
  • or if our number line has sections of ten that fall off regularly. (Especially if it has rained and the humidity is on the high side INSIDE the school.)

Yes, I could use my hot glue gun, but sometimes it is more convenient to get out that tape and just start sticking. 

So, I have a purchasing tip and a sticking tip for you. 

I recommend the Scotch brand tape with the yellow label inside the roll that is labeled, "For Home and Office."

My sticking tip is one that I got from another teacher whom I happened to be walking by as she was applying tape to her projects to display. Unroll about a foot (or less) of masking tape and stick the long edge to the item to be taped. Then roll the tape long ways like a hotdog and stick the other long edge under to complete the roll. This type of tape roll holds beautifully (with the right tape).

Note: Do not be fooled. Below is a photo of a "good" roll of tape. Just because it was squashed and was the very last roll on the shelf at the second Target that I visited during the Back to School Frenzy, doesn't mean that I didn't snatch it right up and claim a victory. Never mind that the price is a bit steep. However, you get what you pay for sometimes. 

Let me know if you give it a try. We could start a movement around the world in an effort to help things stick to walls better. It couldn't hurt. 

Also, let me know if you have known this trick forever because some brilliant soul thought to tell you while you were getting your education degree.  Talk about paying it forward...

Here are a couple of my free and paid items that I like to stick to the wall.

For more tips and tricks, hop over to the other bloggers who have linked up to share their wisdom with the world. (Is that too dramatic?)

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    Have a fabulous day!