Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Friendly Letter Writing and Freebie

Awesome news! Snow day today!! Of course we had a few days out a couple of weeks ago due to snow. Because of that, I would rather be in school for continuity with the students and with the curriculum. HOWEVER, I am more than happy to embrace this reality. So I decided to work on my projects that are slowly but surely coming along to be posted on TpT. (At least for the next day or so in case the winter storm knocks out our power.)

Also, I am threatening to organize my office area at home. I am so thankful to have a room with a {door} well as a view. (Our neighbors have spruced up their house and yard. It looks so cute over there!)

Back to the comes in handy when TV sounds are distracting me from my work or when my daughter is practicing on any number of percussion instruments. She even bought us some earplugs yesterday! Her idea. Funny!
My daughter is a senior in high school, so her repertoire is fabulous. However, the decibels that are coming through the hallway and the walls are pretty loud. Since she has a college audition coming up soon, she has been practicing like a crazy girl and attending lots of lessons with her various percussion instructors. She is pretty determined, so hopefully her audition will go well.

Friendly Letter Writing

Valentine's Day week is a great time to have our students write letters to each other. Here are a few examples of our recent assignment.

Some of the contractions are looking kind of funny still. 

The assignment was to write a letter to a teacher or a friend in our school to be delivered by Wee Deliver. Wee Deliver is a mail delivery system that we have set up in our school. We were hoping to get these "postmarked" and in the mail before Valentine's Day. However, along came a winter storm, which stopped production for now.

Also, the students were to incorporate as many contractions as they could. It was a good assessment to see who understands contractions and who is progressing. Since they wrote the letters on the day that I happened to be out sick, one student wrote me a sweet letter too. So kind!

If you would like a copy of this paper that includes scaffolding for writing a friendly letter correctly, please click here. A couple of other sample activities are included in that download as well.

There are even more letter paper options as well as other contraction activities that the kids loved in the full pack. If you would like to check that out as well, please click here.

Happy letter writing! 

{As a matter of fact, I plan to post a friendly letter writing paper with shamrocks on it soon. So please check back soon.}


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