Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snowstorm and Super Sale!

A REAL Snowstorm

At the time that my class did the “How To Build a Snowman” writing activity, we had not had ANY snow. So I had them write about how they made or “built” their snowman craft. That craft provided enough of an experience for the kids to totally be focused on what they were writing.

However, several days later we had a REAL SNOWSTORM! Since we live in the south, many of my students were too young to remember a time that it snowed enough to make a snowman out of snow. So, you better believe that I am going to milk that for all it is worth! I will post later next week about how that experience excited my students as they write about the snow and building a REAL snowman!

Super news! 

Today I am celebrating the Superbowl by having a sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. It will also be extended through Monday. If you have anything on your wish list that you would like get, now is the time get it at a 20% discount.

Have a super day!

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