Saturday, March 22, 2014

An Update on the Eagle Cam and a Freebie

Eagle Cam Update

{If you have not tuned in yet, it is not too late. There are stunning photos on the site and even videos of the past 4+ weeks that have been captured through the Eagle Cam.}

Click here for the link to the Berry College Eagle Cam.

Also, the baby bald eagle made its debut on the Weather Channel on March 19th. Click here to see it.

The little eaglet (B3, they call it) is getting bigger by the day! His little feet and talons are growing quite quickly. Also, it is fascinating to see it raise up his wings as if he is trying to get comfortable or stretch them a bit. He is now 4 weeks old. The other egg ended up not being viable and the father buried it in the nest. It was interesting to see the eaglet during its 3rd week, because he grew too big to sleep under the mom or dad as far as we could tell.

An interesting fact about the Eagle Cam is that it switches to infrared technology at night time. It is helpful to be able to see the eagle family in the dark with no light source. When I turn on the eagle cam in the morning at school, the infrared is still on and switches over at about 7:30 EST or so. It is very cool for our technology buffs as well!

If you missed my first post about these eagles that have enriched our classroom as well as many others, please click here.

The writing response journal that I put together has been a big hit with my students and amongst the students in other classes. One teacher said that her kids were so excited about making the booklets that one boy even commented that "this is the best activity we have done all year!" Funny! Actually that teacher has lots of great activities that she does with her students. I think the drawing and writing aspect of observing these eagles via a live feed camera is what has mesmerized the students.

If you are interested in taking a look at this booklet, please click here to see the download. Below are a few pages that are included in this booklet.

 Color version

Black and white version ~ the students may color.

The students will illustrate each page and write about each aspect of the eagle family. 

This is a perfect introduction to life cycles in the spring. 

And now for the FREEBIE...

This organizer coincides with this booklet and your classes' research. It is actually part of the Keeping an Eagle Eye on the Eagle Cam download. 

I have included a version of the organizer for younger students in the freebie that is not in the booklet resource. 

Have a great day!

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