Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring and an Easter Craft

Spring has Sprung

It's nice to have warm weather again! Since Easter is right around the corner, it is fun to think of all of the fun egg and bunny activities that we can do with our students that keep their interest high.

Easter Bunny Inspiration

When my daughter was younger, I loved smocking dresses for her. I would usually have one planned for Easter Sunday, so I was super glad when Easter fell in mid-April. That meant I had more time to get it finished in time without too many late nights. 

She has since grown out of wearing those cute dresses, so I have focused my creativity on meaningful activities for my students. I must admit...the multitude of cute clip art that is available these days keeps me inspired year-round! So...here is my latest craft with writing resources. 

Easter Egg Craft with Opinion Writing Resources

Do your students love Easter Egg Hunts? What a great topic to write about! Here is an Easter Egg Craft that will lend itself well to a writing activity.

                                      Below is a preview of the printables that are included. 

Click here to view this item on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Have a great first day of April!
~ Carrie

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