Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter's on its Way and a Sale!

The Bunny Song and Coloring Eggs

"Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its Way!" My mother used to sing that song with us every spring time. It always made us so excited to think about coloring eggs...real eggs that you had to boil, then use vinegar to get the color to stay. That may have been the only kind to decorate back then. Also, we would hide and hunt plastic eggs in our yard countless times before and after Easter. Oh, the days before video games! Good times!

A Game of Chase

We would also play a game of chase in the front yard year-round with the kids in the neighborhood that we called, "Colored Eggs." We had a "base," which was actually one of those green electrical boxes that some families on the street were lucky enough to have in their yards. (I'm sure that the parent who cut the grass loved working around THAT thing!) However, we kids LOVED it! Our yard was the favorite yard to gather for games, so it came in handy.

Back to the game...everyone started at the "base" and each person secretly thought of the egg color that they wanted to be. The person who was "it" would ask if there were any pink eggs, for example. If no one had chosen the color pink, then all of the participants would reply with "no." However, if the person who was "it" called your color, then you would both run around the perimeter of the yard. If you got back to the "base" without being caught, then you were safe and you got to stay with the other "eggs." However, if you were caught by the person who was "it," then you two would swap places. The game would continue indefinitely, as I remember it. So now you know why I MUST do several Easter games and activities with my students.

More Easter Activities

My next Easter writing activity is called, "Easter: The Thrill of the Hunt ~ A Small Moment Narrative Writing Activity." In order to encourage the students to write about "small moments" instead of bed-to-bed stories, I put together some resources for organizing those thoughts and for writing them out in sequential order. Photos of the pack are posted below.

I decided to bundle the three writing activities that include two crafts that can be interchangeable depending on the writing assignment. Here is the cover page for that bundle.

I have added the three previews below.

Here is the link if you would like to check it out in my store.

Tomorrow I will show you how we are using this fun Easter Egg Scoot in my classroom.


Sale! {in honor of tax day week}

I will have everything in my shop on sale for 20% off on 4/16 and 4/17. Sometimes buying something on Teachers Pay Teachers cheers us up a bit. As a matter of fact, buying things that are on sale, is icing on the cake! 

Have an awesome day!

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