Saturday, April 5, 2014

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

Hi everyone! We just enjoyed a nice, quiet Spring Break. It has been lovely!

When it is quiet, I have the time to think about the crafts and activities that I want to do with the kids during the next month or so. I am normally guilty of having an idea, getting it down on paper, and then stacking it or filing it without ever carrying it out with the students. So, my goal over the last few weeks has been to get past the 90% completion mark so that I can have some fun activities for my students. 

So...since Peter Cottontail is hopping down the bunny trail...I need to get my Easter-y projects done!

One of those projects is Easter: How to Be an Egg-spert at an Egg Hunt Craftivity. 

The students will have fun being the "Egg-sperts" about Easter Egg Hunts. The idea is to have the students write a "How To" piece to inform a younger sibling, cousin, or neighbor about how to be strategic at an egg hunt. The flap books will help them organize their thoughts about the best ways to find the eggs. There are scaffolded rough draft pages as well as themed paper for the students to publish their final pieces. There are two different designs of each type of resource in the pack - one is frilly and the other is not frilly. 

I have included a photo of the crafts.

Two crafts. One is a name badge that can be worn with pride. :-)
The second is a name tent for the students' desks. The students LOVE those!
Both of these will give the students confidence as they write their egg-spertise on paper.  

Below is a preview of all of the pages in the resource as well as some of the individual pages. If you would like to see the pack in my store, then please click here

A flap book for idea organization
Non-frilly design option

Anchor chart

Non-frilly anchor chart

Rough draft page with scaffolding. My kids do a great job with this!
Another scaffolded page with a different design. 

Another one of those projects is the craftivity with opinion writing that was in my previous post. Below is a photo of that craftivity.

Along with those two resources is a "Small Moment" narrative writing activity. I am not quite finished that yet, but I will try to get the last 10% finished tonight so that I can post it tomorrow. :-) By the way, I will also bundle the three writing activities for teachers who might want to do all three writing genres with a similar theme. 

I will plan to compare and contrast the different genres. Maybe that will help the different genres "stick" for the students. 

Have a great day!
~ Carrie

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